Exception trapping in C?

Exception trapping in C?

Post by CBFalcone » Sun, 05 Dec 2004 14:27:08

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A better answer, which would not generate the usual chorus of
off-topic protests about this system, would have been:

"I supply a non-standard C system restricted to windows which
includes exception handling. You can find out about it on the
comp.compilers.lcc newsgroup. Cross-posted there and follow-ups
set, since it is OT on c.l.c."

This has been so cross-posted with follow-ups set.

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Hi all,

This seems to be not clearly articulated in the docs, but my recent
experience shows this is a really important issue.

When you develop an add-in, you don't have any "default" unhandled exception
handlers like, say, in Windows Forms applications. Therefore, should an
unhandled exception be thrown, you might never know, and you will be racking
your brain why VS .NET have crashed 5 minutes later. So, I'd advise always
subscribing to the AppDomain's UnhandledException event and displaying a
message about an unhandled exception. Thus you will at least guarantee that
the exception will not slip "under the radar".

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