Licensing of LCC and LCC-Win32

Licensing of LCC and LCC-Win32

Post by christophe » Wed, 01 Sep 2004 02:42:22

I am trying to understand the relationship between LCC and LCC-Win32 with
regards to copyrights and licensing issues.

I have read the license of LCC at:
and I understand it to govern distribution and modification of LCC but to
not affect software written in C using lcc as a compiler.

I also understand the LCC-Win32 to be a derived product of LCC but I can
find no copy of the copyright notice (or any license for that matter) in the
latest distribution of LCC-Win32. If this is the case, then is this not a
violation of the license of LCC which requires a copy of the copyright

Furthermore, on the LCC-Win32 home page at . *** is states that "It's free for
non-commercial use, if you use it professionally you have to have to buy a
licence." which appears to be in violation of the original LCC copyright, if
that copyright does indeed apply.

I would appreciate some help in order to clarification of these issues, and
my sincere apologies if I have overlooked or misunderstood some aspect of
the licenses. Thank you very much.

Christopher Diggins

Licensing of LCC and LCC-Win32

Post by jacob navi » Wed, 01 Sep 2004 04:11:19

Hi Christopher.

The original lcc copyright doesn't apply anymore to lcc-win32 since
I paid a big amount of money to Addison Wesley to get the
full copyright. (I am still paying that loan ...)

The conditions are simple:
It is free for your personal use. Professional or commercial uses
need a license.

That is all.



Licensing of LCC and LCC-Win32

Post by CBFalcone » Wed, 01 Sep 2004 05:37:19

... snip ...

That clears up a lot, including why LCC-WIN32 does not track the
portable lcc.

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Licensing of LCC and LCC-Win32

Post by Cesar Raba » Wed, 01 Sep 2004 11:05:43

jacob navia escreveu:


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It really made a big change :-D