problem with FileProcessor feature

problem with FileProcessor feature

Post by Thomas Dic » Wed, 24 Nov 2004 07:10:33

I experimented with building vile and winvile using lcc-win32 last week.
There's one file with a ".cpp" suffix (really ANSI C, but the developer
wanted the extra warnings from C++). lcc prompted for the command to
apply to it, and the output file. What's stored in the .prj file looks
like this:

FileProcessor1=w32oo.cpp#$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) w32oo.cpp#w32oo.obj

However, the generated Makefile lowercases the command (making it not
work), and does not add w32oo.obj to the OBJS list. Hand-editing to
repair those does let it compile (though the GUI version, winvile does
not run - different problem).

Given that the FileProcessor feature doesn't work without some help,
is there a different way that lcc can handle this?

Thomas E. *** ey