SableCC C Parser Definition with Preprocessor

SableCC C Parser Definition with Preprocessor

Post by marcos.ste » Thu, 16 Feb 2006 00:19:28


Would anyone know of a C Parser Definition with C Preprocessor that is
available to use. I would like to get a hold of it.


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I have an MFC app built in VS2005 that has various different resources
depending on preprocessor definitions CHOICE_ONE, CHOICE_TWO, or

I've created copies of the relevant resources, and assigned conditions
to each of them. I've also added the definitions to "Project
Properties->Resources->General->Preprocesor definitions".

I need the definitions to be seen by my application code as well,
since there are 3 different code paths depending on the proprocessor
definition, so I put the #defines in a separate file choice.h and
#include in stdafx.h.

I'm unable to find a way of syncing them, i.e. just change it in 1
place and have it propogate throughout the entire solution. If I
change it in choice.h, the resources don't see it, and vice versa.

The only way I've manage to sync it is if I manually insert the
#defines into resource.h. However, every time I use resource editor to
modify a resource, the #define gets overwritten/removed.

Is there an easy way of syncing the 2?


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