very important question

very important question

Post by chris camp » Thu, 07 Oct 2004 09:47:50

hey everyone,

my name is chris campuzano, im 19 and live outside of
philadelphia. i have a very important question about what
i should do about getting certified. As of right now im a
sophmore at Temple University. however, i want to get into
networking and temple does not provide this. i have looked
into other computer schools and found one that offers
training for MCP, MCSA, MCSE, and CAT 5 over a 24 week
period. it seems very good and its exactly what i want to
learn and do with my life. however it is $23,000. i was
wondering if people could give me advice on if that is a
good idea to go with or if there is better ways of getting
certified. also i don't know much of anything about
networks thats why i know i need classes in order to help
me. sorry this is so long but i really need help on making
a good decision. if anyone could email me or im me at
chriscampy14 it would be such a big help. thank you very much


very important question

Post by Qm9iYn » Thu, 07 Oct 2004 11:01:01

Hi chris,

The easier and quicker way to learn from ground zero is to enroll in a class
but it can be quite costly as you have found out. Though "it seems very good
and its exactly what i(you) want to learn and do with my(your) life" but
"i(you) don't know much of anything about networks". It might not be a good
idea to spend so much on something you really want to do but do not know much
about. You might not like it after spending thousands of dollars and
countless hours learing it.

It might be better to involve yourself voluntarily to learn more about
networks and to justify the cost involve before heading right to a class.
Should you feel that networks is really for you and you want to be certified,
go for MCSA and then MCSE. Along the way, you might also want to decide
whether you want to specialize in messaging or security. Apart from these,
you might also want to think about Cisco's CCNA and CCNP and eventually CCIE.

Without experience or equipment (home network) you will need to join a
class. Once you have experience and hopefully have access to a network, you
can lower your cost by self study.

Hope this helps.



very important question

Post by T-Bon » Thu, 07 Oct 2004 22:07:17

"chris campuzano" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote

When it comes to getting a computer job, experience is more important than a
paper. I would go with some volunteer work as the previous poster said.
Maybe even a part time job at a local computer shop or something. For the
$23 grand it would cost you to get a piece of paper, you could get a whole
computer lab for yourself and learn everything on your own.

So, if computers and networking are what you want to do with your life, why
aren't you taking that in university?


very important question

Post by nerd3276 » Fri, 08 Oct 2004 09:13:46

The Microsoft tests are not really worth 23,000 these days. I was able to
get my MCSA/MCP with less than 600 dollars, over summer break, with very
little practical experience. If i were you i would just study on my own, and
pass the tests(you don't have to get a good grade on it, it's a pass/fail