NEW FM8 Retail Sales Coaching Software to Increase Retail Sales

NEW FM8 Retail Sales Coaching Software to Increase Retail Sales

Post by Steven Lon » Sat, 01 Jul 2006 18:22:23

ROSTER STAFF within your strict weekly wage budgets


MEASURE individual Salesperson KPI's and sales performance

EFFORTLESSLY IDENTIFY deficient KPIs and sales skills each week

INTEGRATED & ONLINE COACHING drives behaviours & results

Single Store and Multi-Store Web Based Versions Available

Built in FileMaker.

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2. massive sale increase of retail vista on ebay!

LOL! this is hilarious!

It seems that everyone who has a copy of Vista RETAIL is trying to get
rid of it, now that they can still sell it for something! They are
formating and installing Windows7 beta that is faster and "more stable
than vista" lol, collecting the money and waiting for the final release
of windows 7.

I emailed back and forth with one guy doing that, he told me:
I just couldnt wait any longer to get that POS vista off his machine!


I asked him, why not just wait for the upgrade? He told me, its far
better to get rid of vista now, get the cash in his pocket, use the win7
beta (that is far better than vista), than needing to boot each day into
that pile of horse shit (he meant vista of course)!

Sorry guys, but you realize that if you bought vista retail, you were
conned right? Especially the poor people in UK who paid a whopping $732
to get it!

Well you were suckers! *** your wounds, sell it now as fast as possible
on ebay, because its worth will fall to zero once win7 is released.

Actually its worth IS zero, but you might find a few suckers online to
get rid of it still....


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