KAIO: out of OS resources

KAIO: out of OS resources

Post by jorge vale » Sat, 20 Sep 2003 01:20:22

Hi all:

Recently I added a new dbspace to Informix Instance. Since that I got the

KAIO: out of OS resources, errno = 11, pid = 26288

every 30 seconds in the log file.

I had configured IFMX_HPKAIO_NUM_REQ variable to 1000 so I incresed to 2300,
and finaly 5000 and I still got the message.

Can anybody tell me what can I do in this case ?
Is this a fatal error?

Thanks in advance.

hp-ux 11.0
ids 7.3uc3

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KAIO: out of OS resources

Post by Mark D. St » Sat, 20 Sep 2003 03:56:30

This is an OS problem. There are notes on tuning the OS KAIO parameters in
your release notes. Can't remember exactly where, but if you grep KAIO
$INFORMIXDIR/release/*/*/*, you should find a similar error in the notes,
with details of what to do.

No. Basically it is a timeout message. Quite often you will get lots of
these messages consecutively in the log as the retry also fails. The IO
does complete though.

You need to tune your kernel parameters.


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