Listener -thread error -27001

Listener -thread error -27001

Post by Mukanyi Ta » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 17:17:54


We are currently using Informix Dynamic Server Version 7.30.UC2 on UnixWare
7.0.1. We keep getting frequent Informix freezes on our server caused by the
error numbers 27554, 27001I. In this state connections to the application

listener-thread: err = -27001 :oserr = 0 : errstr =: Read error occurring
during connection attempt

Our NETTYPE is set as tlitcp,1,300,NET
We have also tried to reduce the INFORMIXCONTIME to 60 from 300 but there is
no change.

Can somebody help us please.


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Listener -thread error -27001

Post by Michael Mu » Wed, 06 Aug 2003 23:50:38

Try reducing INFORMIXCONTIME to just a few seconds (set on the client
side!). Set it as low as you can. You can use onstat -g ath to see how
long the soctcplst thread will be sleeping. During this time nobody else
will be able to connect:


tid tcb rstcb prty status vp-class name
12 1093d4e0 0 3 sleeping secs: 9 1cpu

Maybe you also can find out why it happens so often. What kind of
clients do you have? This is normally caused by a client machine that
crashes (often a PC) before the initial packages between the client and
the server are exchanged or by a *** network connection.



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Listener -thread error -27001

Post by Paul Watso » Thu, 07 Aug 2003 03:38:43

ou'd normally put the TCP connection on a NET VP and not a CPU.

Check out


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