Fw: IDS 10 Express Edition - Response from IBM

Fw: IDS 10 Express Edition - Response from IBM

Post by Jean Sag » Sat, 18 Jun 2005 23:53:36

Is there a trial for IDS Express?

I check with my dba in the Passport advantage site and we didn't find any donwload, Neither on the download pages at IBM site.


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Re: Fw: IDS 10 Express Edition

Christopher -

I apologize for not having posted the information you need regarding IDS
Express and our various editions. I have just sent a web request to my
webmaster asking that the following information be posted to the IDS
website. I hope this helps. Please bear in mind that the 'target market'
indicates where we will focus our marketing regarding a specific edition,
there are no restrictions on who may purchase the product.

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Please respond to


Re: IDS 10 Express Edition

I have been through the IDS Express pages from
http://www-306.ibm.com/software/data/informix/ids-express/ on down. A
surprising number of them are broken and exactly none of them have the
information I need. I have Googled because Google is the only way to
fly the IBM site (though the search string is very helpful, Claus; I'll
save it for later). I am betting the info is out there.

If you go to the WGE page it spells out exactly what features Workgroup
Edition has in a little table: "IBM Informix=AE Dynamic Server
Workgroup Edition includes these features..."

The EE page says this: "IBM Informix=AE Dynamic Server Enterprise
Edition includes all of the Workgroup Edition features plus..."

All we want is exactly this for Express Edition, for which we find this
helpful page, instead:


In case the Google Groups form truncates the URL, which is the redirect
from the announcement letter, I will post all the pertinent info:

Offering Information Error Page

Error 9100 default error
We are not not able to get your user preferences from the
This file might be corrupted or out of synch.

Try again, but if this problem persists, please click
here to reset
your user preferences and press Reload.

I just told management

Fw: IDS 10 Express Edition - Response from IBM

Post by Neil Trub » Sun, 19 Jun 2005 01:24:41

Yes, there is. It has a specific binary and allegedly - we haven't yet
tested this - enforces the restictions on functionality through the software
rather than relying on honour.

I raised this question on cdi and with IBM UK a couple of weeks ago as only
IDS 10.0 Enterprise is available for trial on the website. One of the UK
IBM Informix pre-sales team with whom we work closely kindly made it
available to me. However I sense it may be difficult-to-impossible for
ordinary users to get: UK Tech Support couldn't provide it, nor could our
IBM Business Partner Manager.

On the subject of its functionality restrictions of Express: another cdi'er
kindly sent me a table of these issued by IBM Canada. I intended to publish
it on cdi, but unfortunately it's an HTML table and I'm too stupid to be
able to work out how to convert it into plain text, and I can't be arsed to
transcribe it.



Fw: IDS 10 Express Edition - Response from IBM

Post by Jean Sag » Sun, 19 Jun 2005 20:39:48

Glad to know.


Christine Normile escribi?
sending to informix-list

Fw: IDS 10 Express Edition - Response from IBM

Post by Data Goo » Sun, 19 Jun 2005 22:01:27

In your browser, ( I'm guessing you're using Internet Explorer ) SAVE-AS
allows for you to save it as text.

You can optionally Copy-Paste it into Microsoft Word then save it as a PDF
or TEXT Document.

1. Mouse over the table to a region that is not a URL.
2. CTRL-A to select all the text in the table.
3. CTRL-C to copy the text
4. Open MS-Word
5. CTRL-V or Paste
6. Now it's a Word document.
7. If you have Adobe PDF Writer or Printer capability you can save it as
a PDF document or print it to Adobe PDF.
8. Save-as allows you to save it as a text document or other.


Spreadsheet Method 1:

1. Mouse over the table to a region that is not a URL.
2. CTRL-A to select all the text in the table.
3. CTRL-C to copy the text
4. Open Excel ( or other compatible spreadsheet )
5. CTRL-V on a cell.

Now it's a spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Method 2:

1. Right mouse over the table to the option that says "Export To Excel".

Now it's a spreadsheet.

Fw: IDS 10 Express Edition - Response from IBM

Post by davi » Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:32:40

By the way for Workgroup Server the limitation is :-


then click on "Read the complete details on this trade-up option."

Informix Dynamic Server Workgroup Editions

The following restrictions apply:

Server Limitation - You may not install or use the program on a server
that has more than two processors.

Function Limitations - You may not use the following functions of the
program: parallel data query, data partitioning, parallel backup,
parallel restore, parallel load, parallel unload, optical disks,
Enterprise Replication (ER), High Availability Data Replication (HDR),
VML (ability to access more than two GB RAM).