Fw: Informix Failing to Come Up

Fw: Informix Failing to Come Up

Post by scottishpo » Thu, 21 Jul 2005 21:37:50

Martin Fuerderer wrote:


Might be time to dig out an archive and roll forward the logical logs
to a point just before the corrupted log!

As martin said, if you have a maintenance contract with IBM, you should
call them and see what other options you have.

You are still running 7.31.UC5. this has been superseded and IBM
Informix is now well into the UD number set. There are known logical
recovery problem in some of the UC and maybe even early UD products. So
I would recommed once you get online again you start to look at getting
to a more current version of the product.

Also the 7.31.UC products will stop being supported from April next
year (only 9 months away) IBM will only continue to support the IDS