Querix 4GL - Technical Workshop (Training) in UK - Manchester, 2nd September 2004

Querix 4GL - Technical Workshop (Training) in UK - Manchester, 2nd September 2004

Post by h.hoelz » Thu, 19 Aug 2004 21:02:21

*only for Informix 4GL/D4GL/Esql/C users from the UK & Ireland

Hi everyone
We have still got three places available for the UK workshop in
Manchester on the 2nd April. We will show the final release of Version
4.1 (including Windows, Java & XML/HTML clients) and will also install
you a 5-user license on your notebook/PC to make it 'hands-on'.
Attending is free and if you want to attend (or have got any
questions) please contact me directly XXXX@XXXXX.COM

PS: Location: Worsley Park Marriott Hotel and Country Club
Worsley Park, Manchester, M28 2QT, United Kingdom
Start: 8:30 End 17:30

***** workshop information www.querix.com/events/index.php?id=75 *****

We would like to invite you to our workshop "Querix - the Modernized
4GL & ESQL/C Developer"sponsored by Microlink PC & HiGrade Computers
Plc, in Manchester on the 2nd September.

This event, along with 16 other workshops held world wide, is being
held to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Querix and the latest
development suite 'Hydra Studio 4.1' (released in May 2004).

This workshop is designed for developers who are currently working
with 4GL and/or ESQL/C, or are interested in learning about
application development with this highly robust, feature-rich and
efficient development environment. Regardless of your current 4gl
background (classic 4gl, dynamic or 4js 4gl), this venue should be on
your calendar.

During this full-day workshop you will be shown how to develop new
applications and migrate existing ones with our latest version of
'Hydra Studio 4.1'. There will also be a session which addresses the
new functionality of version 4.1 from the developer's perspective.
Examples of working with 'Hydra Studio 4.1' to leverage GUI
customization, multiple database support via Dynamic SQL translation,
and Web deployment will also be shown.

Bring your own notebook/laptop along to get the latest beta version of
the Querix development suite 'Hydra Studio 4.1' installed & configured
by our technical team.

Topics will include:
Hydra Studio, the new IDE
Fully Integrated graphical FormDesigner
GUI deployment for Windows & Java Clients
GUI Implementation with Scripting
GUI Implementation via Informix Dynamic 4gl / 4js extension
Multimedia in Advanced Client Systems via ActiveX and JavaBeans
Web Deployment via Html, Java embedded Html and Java WebStart.
Multiple RDBMS support via dynamic SQL translation
Querix Product Roadmap - a Preview of Hydra version 5, the platform
independent object orientated development solution
Sessions will be led by Dominic Smith and Hubert Hoelzl.

This event is sponsored by: Microlink PC

Venue Information
Date: Thursday, September 2nd
Time: 8:30 am - 18:00 pm
Location: Manchester - UK
Worsley Park Marriott Hotel and Country Club
Worsley Park
Manchester, M28 2QT
United Kingdom
Phone: 44 161-975-2000
Fax: 44 161-799-6341
International Toll-Free: 1-800-228-9290
Special Room Rate: ?19 including breakfast, services & VAT (Querix

Cost: There is no fee for this workshop, which includes lunch, coffee
& snacks, and all workshop materials. You will be required to bring
your notebook/laptop along to work with. (Please inform us if this
will be a problem to arrange a loan notebook for you free of charge.)

To register, please contact

English & Spanish speaker: Mehdi Afshar XXXX@XXXXX.COM +44
English & German speakers: Huber