AIX 64-bit kernel vs. 32-bit with 64-bit extensions

AIX 64-bit kernel vs. 32-bit with 64-bit extensions

Post by pete_lin » Thu, 17 Mar 2005 21:58:23

We are in the process of migrating our IDS 7.31 UD4 instance to IDS
9.4FC6. At the same time, we are moving to IBM p630 servers with 2
1.2Ghz Power4 processors with 4G of RAM running on AIX 5.2.

We are beginning to test a reorg/migration script which uses
distributed SQL queries to move data from our very-interleaved, messy
IDS 7 instance to a well-organized IDS 9 instance with big chunks
(where needed). In our test, both instances are on separate p630 AIX
5.2 servers connected on the same subnet.

We were just told by our AIX admins that our standard mode for the AIX
5.2 servers is 32-bit mode with 64-bit extensions. The first migration
script test is running now, but slower than we had hoped.

With the above configuration in mind, would true 64-bit kernel give us
much advantage in speed and efficiency for our IDS 9.4 instance? If
so, any idea how much? Is there any IBM documentation out there that I
could show our AIX admins to convince them to change to 64-bit kernel


Pete Link
University of Michigan Health System
Ann Arbor, MI USA

AIX 64-bit kernel vs. 32-bit with 64-bit extensions

Post by Neil Trub » Fri, 18 Mar 2005 03:20:17

I know this isn't really what you're asking, but wouldn't it be easier to do
an ontape dump/restore the copy the database server to the new box, then do
a dbimport/export (yuo don;t say the size of the database(s)) or ALTER
FRAGMENT ... INIT INs to re-organise your data?