dbspaces temp full

dbspaces temp full

Post by emau » Sat, 08 Aug 2009 00:36:39


I have 6 temp dbspaces and only one of them shows me that this
used to 90%. The other shows that I used 10% alike. Remove all Informix
users who are not and go on.

Any suggestions.

thank you very much

AIX 6.1
Informix 10.FC10

# Parallel Database Queries (pdq)
MAX_PDQPRIORITY 80 # Maximum allowed pdqpriority
DS_MAX_QUERIES 20 # Maximum number of decision support queries
DS_TOTAL_MEMORY 4000000 # Decision support memory (Kbytes)
DS_MAX_SCANS 1048576 # Maximum number of decision support scans
DS_NONPDQ_QUERY_MEM 128 # Non PDQ query memory (Kbytes)
DATASKIP off # List of dbspaces to skip
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dbspaces temp full

Post by LIGHT SCAN » Thu, 13 Aug 2009 05:40:11

I am guessing that you mean 1 temp dbspace is 90% full. That
typically happens to me when I build an index. I would suggest that
you drop your 6 temp dbspaces and then create 4 (or 2) bigger ones.
If you want to get fancy, create them on RAMDRIVE (but you will need
to drop and recreate them every time you bring up the Informix