DB server performace if long transaction happen

DB server performace if long transaction happen

Post by falconsoo » Tue, 29 Jan 2008 18:22:37

I have a long transaction (taking hours) with all tables is temp table
with no log and lock in exclusive mode, thus there will be no LOG
usage and less LOCK usage. Is this scenario will impact the database
server performace?

Thanks for any prompt reply and consultation.

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I'm getting the above error when trying to perform a DML across a linked
server. A select works fine. I've tried setting XACT_ABORT ON and IMPLICIT
TRANSACTIONS OFF but still throws error. Is this a behavior change between
the SQL Native Client VS the SQL OLEDB provider? In SQL 2000, if I could
wrap a select inside a transaction, then everything else worked fine as

Throws Error:

begin tran

delete from linkedserver.db.dbo.table1
where col1 = '12345'

commit tran


begin tran

select * from linkedserver.db.dbo.table1
where col1 = '12345'

commit tran

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