Strange, strange...

Strange, strange...

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Hi All,
I posted this already today and I am really getting bananas with this issue:

Using Visual Basic 6.0, I am sending SMS. These SMS can be added to an
Access 2000 table by users on the network.
Everything works well when executing the code step by step (F8).
I can trace this in the Access table, that reacts exactly according to what
I was expecting.
But, but....
When running the code, it looks like the records in Access are not updated
quickly enough and, therefore, the SMS are sent more than once (up to 10
times for some).

Here is how I open the table in the Access MDB:

Dim Db2 As Database, Rs2 As Recordset
Set Db2 = Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase(Text10) ' Text10 contains the path
to the Access MDB
Set Rs2 = Db2.OpenRecordset("pendingsms")
Set Data2.Recordset = Rs2
Data2.Recordset.Index = "ID"

It opens correctly and I can view SMS added by net users, using a DbGrid
linked to Data2.
When I stop the timer3 procedure, I can see, in that same DbGrid, the
records marked as sent, after a few seconds.
I have a timer3 on the form, to scan the pending SMS and send them. Mainly,
I browse the Access table and for each record where the field "sent" is
FALSE, I sned the SMS and, if receiving an OK from the modem, I change the
"sent" field to TRUE.
ID tonum texte Sent
24904 +27824170857 test open/close/open Yes

Here is the code associated to Timer3

Private Sub Timer3_Timer()
Timer3.Interval = 0
Dim erlop As Integer, nbrecs As Integer, X As Integer
Dim Db2 As Database, Rs2 As Recordset
erlop = 0
Comm1.OutBufferCount = 0
Comm1.InBufferCount = 0
okout = ""
Image1.Visible = Not Image1.Visible
If imgNotConnected.Visible = False Then
imgConnected.Visible = Not imgConnected.Visible
End If
If Comm1.PortOpen = True Then
If Not Data2.Recordset.EOF Then
While Not Data2.Recordset.EOF
If Data2.Recordset("Sent") = False Then
okout = ""
erlop = 0
Comm1.OutBufferCount = 0
Comm1.InBufferCount = 0
Comm1.Output = "at+cmgs=" & Chr(34) &
Data2.Recordset("tonum") & Chr(34) & vbCr & Data2.Recordset("texte") &
While InStr(1, okout, "OK") = 0 And InStr(1, okout, "ERROR")
= 0
erlop = erlop + 1
okout = okout & Comm1.Input
dummy = DoEvents()
If erlop > 500 Then
erlop = 0
Comm1.OutBufferCount = 0
Timer3.Interval = 1000
Exit Sub
End If
Comm1.OutBufferCount = 0
If InStr(1, okout, "OK") <> 0 Then
Data2.Recordset("Sent") = True
wait (3)
End If
End If
End If
End If
Timer3.Interval = 1000
End Sub

What am I doing wrong?
If someone can help, I would be grateful.

Strange, strange...

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Hello HKSHK,

thanks for your reply.

I received an answer from Peter Russel, in the
newsgroups, telling me to have a look at ;en-us;248833

This is an interesting article about our common problem.

Hope it will help you too.





Strange, strange...

Post by the Wi » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 00:40:38


If you're using a version of Windows that provides control of write buffering,
turn it off.

If you have a LOT of RAM, put the database in a RAMdisk (fast - but fragile).

Find a better database/platform.

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Strange, strange...

Post by Alexey She » Tue, 14 Oct 2003 22:01:39


Try using queries for "select" and "update" operations and you'll get
results always up-to-date.