Here's your chance

Here's your chance

Post by Colleyvill » Fri, 05 Dec 2003 11:54:42


Geez, Larry I was just thinking about you. In fact, I've got plans to
attend next week's meeting so I could get some more info in person! Anyhow,
here goes.

I am working on an automation project (I know, not your forte') to create a
presentation of mutual fund performance data. Currently, the info is first
created by copy/paste in Excel and then the final formatted version is
copy/pasted into PowerPoint (image only since an embedded sheet will not
fit - 22 columns). I have designed an Access database in which the user
will choose a company plan, then the database runs an SQL query and outputs
the info to an embedded spreadsheet in the main form. From here, using VBA,
I will open PowerPoint and perform the copy/paste function. I am using the
embedded spreadsheet since it is what the users are used to. They need to
see the information in a familiar, formatted version.

Here's the problem. My copy of Access came with some ActiveX components. I
have tried the MS Office Spreadsheet (Web Components) and there does not
appear to be a wordwrap function. I also tried the ActiveX from Formula
One. I got all of the formatting and it looked fine. Then I found out that
the Formula One internal clipboard supported copying with formatting but to
copy it to PPT would use the Windows clipboard and would lose all

Solution: I need an ActiveX spreadsheet component that I can embed into an
Access form. No data-linking is needed, the query results are read into an
array and written out. In fact, I do not need any calculation functions,
not even SUM, since the data will not be manipulated in any way (in fact, it
is written out in text at the moment, though that could change). All I need
is formatting (Bold, borders, color filling, aligning, and wordwrap) and the
ability to copy that formatting such that when I go to use the PasteSpecial
function in PPT, I have the "Enhanced Metafile Format" as an option. I only
need 22 columns and at the very most, 200 rows (so even a crippleware
solution might work).

A more minor desire would be to have the ability to embed a checkbox or
something similar at the front of each row so that the user can check it to
see what alternative funds are available (I'd use the checked items to run a
query and refresh the output).

Anybody got a favorite ActiveX spreadsheet that does these few things?

Here's your chance

Post by Keith Wilb » Fri, 05 Dec 2003 22:29:33

Even *I* could work out that the posting was bogus ;-)


Here's your chance

Post by Colleyvill » Sun, 07 Dec 2003 13:47:42

Well I only met Larry once in person and exchanged posts with him a handful
of times 18 months ago, so I don't know him well enough to pick up on an
impostor's troll. I guess I'll run into him at the next MAD meeting.