Access XP form + view with join + SQL Express + add record

Access XP form + view with join + SQL Express + add record

Post by Gabriele B » Sun, 26 Mar 2006 00:09:23

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Before saying anything more, I'm sorry for cross-posting, but the topic should
be relevant for every newsgroups I posted in.


Access XP.
A form based on a view from a SQL Express instance ('cause it's a view, it
has no parameters).
The view contains two INNER JOIN.
Trying to add a record from the form, I get the following error (it's an
error message translated form italian to english):

"Input parameters values are invalid. Check status values for more information."

I thought the problem are the two JOIN (read: SQL doesn't know which table
has to receive the record addition), so I changed the form data source, substituting
the view name with a SELECT statement (SELECT * FROM table ORDER BY field).
This way I was able to add records from the form.
I noticed also that it was successful also if I modify form data source substituting
the above SQL statement with the SQL statement contained in the view.

What's wrong in all this?
Don't I have to use a view as form data source?
Do I have to create a stored procedure?
Do I have to change the view anyway?

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