Insufficient permissions to use back-end mdb object

Insufficient permissions to use back-end mdb object

Post by rdemya » Wed, 28 Feb 2007 02:12:15

Here's the scenario:

1) MyApp has workgroup security
2) In the startup routine I first relink to the backend file.
2) After relinking, I am trying to asynchronously create a local copy
of the backend file using the LaunchCopy procedure. This is done by
creating a batch file and when the batch file runs it uses Copy %1 %2
type commands. After the file is created it is launched via the Shell

3) Startup continues after the Shell command for the batch file is

When I logon as a user who is not the owner of MyApp, I am getting the
following error:

"You do not have the necessary permissions to user the '.......
\Backend.mdb' object. ....."

When I logon as the owner, I never get this error.

The error seems to be caused by my startup routine trying to access
table data from the back-end file while it is being copied. I've
moved the LaunchCopy procedure to a later point in the startup
routine. I still get the error, but it doesn't seem to affect
anything. When logged on as a regular user (not the Owner), if I wait
awhile after startup before trying to access any data, I don't get the

I wanted to launch the backend copy routine asynchronously, because I
didn't want to significantly increase the amount of time MyApp takes
to startup.

My main question is (assuming I understand what is happening): Why am
I NOT getting this error when I logon as the Owner. If the problem is
that the back-end file is being copied by the .bat routine and MyApp
is trying to access data from it (via the front-end links) during
startup, wouldn't I get this error regardless of who is logged on
(Owner or otherwise). Like I said, the Owner of MyApp has never
gotten this error.

Please, let's not get into why I want to create a copy of the back-end
file. I'm curious about why the Owner user wouldn't get this error.


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