Web page type front page of an access form

Web page type front page of an access form

Post by make1circl » Sun, 22 Apr 2007 04:01:12

Hi all,

It's a novice question and hopefully someone could help me out. I've
designed an access form for entering patient information. Right now
it needs to be modified in the way that the form users will first be
shown a webpage-type front page that prompts the user to 1) enter new
patient information 2) search patient with keywords or id, before
accessing/modifying the actual database.

Can anyone shed some lights on how to do so? I've searched the web
and it shows something as ASP but I am not sure if that's useful.


Web page type front page of an access form

Post by sala » Sun, 22 Apr 2007 09:52:10

If you are using a web page use a web page.

If you are using Access use a form.

Create a new form. Since you aren't using a table, simply click
New/DesignView. Using the toolbox, drop your requisite textboxes. combo
boxes, and whatever. Do you know how to code in VBA? If you can't you
have some work ahead of you. If you can, look at the code examples for
FindFirst and OpenForm. In a code window, enter FindFirst, highlite it,
and press F1.

For further code examples goto
and in the group box enter
and search for Opening new forms and finding records and whatever else
you think you want to do.