!!FAQ! for Date: 20040516 - New Users Look Here! [Last Updated February 05, 2004]

!!FAQ! for Date: 20040516 - New Users Look Here! [Last Updated February 05, 2004]

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Feeling left out? Alone? Wondering why everyone's ignoring you?
Or why you're being flamed for what you deemed an innocent post?
The following tips will not only help you, they will help us help you.

Please note: The latest changes to this document are marked
with a | at the left-most side of the line that has been changed.

Charter for comp.databases.ms-access
Access is a RDBMS for the Windows Operating System.
It includes WYSIWYG design tools for easy creation of
tables, reports, forms and queries and a database
programming language called VBA (Visual Basic for
The purpose of the group is to provide technical help
to people who use Access to create simple databases,
as well as to people who use VBA to create complex

Comp.databases.ms-access is a forum for communicating ideas and
you'll find plenty of those here, ranging from sheer brilliance to
educated misconceptions, and lucky shots from ignorance.

Understanding what you get here is the only way to ensure you get
something useful.

Blindly copying code and methods from what is posted may get you
into more problems then you had to begin with, in which case you
are the only one to blame.

If you're looking for help with your homework, consider the fact
that if you were bright enough to come here for help, your
teacher might be as well.
Some teachers lurk in this newsgroup, and at least one has asked
for our help in creating questions for you!
The failure on the assignment you are about to receive by asking
your question here is your own!

The following are specifically
forbidden in the CDMA newsgroup:

1) Advertising of any kind, even if the product is free,
a demo or otherwise.

2) Job Postings of any kind, regardless if the posting is for
help wanted or someone looking for work.
a) You may, however, through your regular contributions to the
group find that you are solicited via e-mail with

b) There are a variety of resources available to you via other
avenues. http://www.dice.com is one such resource. Although
not endorsed by this newsgroup, it has certainly enabled a
number of our participents.

3) Binaries (zip/exe attachments, v-cards etc.) of any kind.
If the exchange of such files is necessary, they can either be
emailed to an individual who has agreed to take a closer look at
your problem, or they can be made available for download over the

4) "Spam", chain-letters and other irrelevant material.
Everybody gets enough of this in their personal mail-boxes.
They shouldn't have to deal with it in the newsgroups too!
(See also "Answering Questions The Right Way", 4c ii.)

Searching for an Answer to a problem?

1) Start by doing your own research. Look in the help files first!
The help files that come with Access are actually a great
source for help (not counting Acces