Forms behaving oddly between computers

Forms behaving oddly between computers

Post by bruc » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 02:56:03

Is everyone using the latest service pack for Office? Also, have you
compacted and decompiled/recompiled? Does everyone have the same
permissions in SQL server? You may also want to be sure that everyone
is using the latest Jet service pack as well (see ;EN-US;239114).


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Hi Dursun,

The behavior of this control does seem a bit odd. I found if I put the following in the Form Load event it's unchecked:

With Me.DateTimePicker1
.Value = Date.Now
.Checked = False
End With

But the following will result in checked

With Me.DateTimePicker1
.Checked = False
.Value = Date.Now
.Checked = False
End With

This looks like a bug. In the recent Beta, it doesn't repro.

Craig VB.Net Team
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Here is the code:
executing the code and showing the GUI, the GUI still shows checked.

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