SSL only works when ms sql server has "force encryption

SSL only works when ms sql server has "force encryption

Post by pigeo » Wed, 29 Jun 2005 14:35:59

SSL only works when ms sql server has "force encryption option"
turned on...

If I turn that off, and try to have the client software request
encryption.. I get a ssl security error msg.

The thing is.. I had this working before I upgraded to sp3andsp4and
install my new cert (I did the upgrades at the same time)

Any ideas?


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We use the ETL tool, Informatica PowerMart, which is client/server based. In general, the client (installed on Windows XP) is used to map the logical transformation processes of the data to be moved while the server (installed on a UNIX machine -O/S HP-UX 11i) runs the workflows to process the data. The problem encountered is with connectivity between the server and an encrypted SQL Server 2000 database installed on a Windows server.

We have no problems when importing the source and target definitions from the encrypted SQL Server database using the client application with the ODBC driver SQL Server (sqlsrv32.dll dated 10/27/03) since the clients are operating on a Windows operating system. However, since the server is on a UNIX O/S, we have to install and configure the ODBC drivers and connections on the UNIX box. Prior to encrypting the database, we had no problems connecting to the database from the server. However, after the database was placed in encrypted mode, we have been unable to connect using the Data Direct 4.10 SQL Server driver packaged with the PowerMart product. After thorough investigation, we have found that the Data Direct drivers do not support SSL encryption.

Does anyone know where we might find an ODBC driver that we might install, on our UNIX server to connect to SQL Server 2000 database, that supports SSL encryption? The technical rep at Informatica indicated that the Data Direct drivers were created in the C++ language and that we need to find a driver that supports SSL encryption for installation on the server. We have a couple of critical development projects that are depending on the tool and I hope to find a driver or alternative solution soon.


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