Oracle Functional Cost Management Requirement

Oracle Functional Cost Management Requirement

Post by luckystard » Thu, 20 Jul 2006 01:16:09

Hello All,

We have the following requirement.

Please send matching profiles along with the Rate Expectations,
Availability and Contact Details of the Candidate for the same.

Job Title:- Oracle Functional Cost Management / Manufacturing (2

Consultant will be a lead resource rolling out Oracle applications to
new plants for the next year. Responsibilities include following a
detailed cutover plan, training on all systems, 100% travel at 3 month
increments throughout US & Canada, additional hours & shifts around go
live. No config, design, TAR resolution. Working directly with
Controller of the plant.
1. Degree in Accounting, Finance or related Business field,
2. Good communication skills. Able to complete presentations to groups
of 20 - 25 persons as-well-as comfort in one-on-one situations.
3. Knowledge of and experience with Oracle modules:
Cost Management High Priority
BOMs & Routings High Priority
WIP Medium Priority
Inventory Medium Priority
Project Accounting Medium Priority
General Ledger Lower Priority
AP Lower Priority
Purchasing Lower Priority
4. Experience implementing Oracle modules. Design is done - just
implement plan.
5. Commitment through mid 2007 / projected project end.
6. Able to easily travel in the US and Canada.

***If you have someone who is a functional, Oracle Apps consultant
with strong financials background and who is strong in costing (or cost
accounting) rather than cost management, we would consider this person
as well***

Location: Various locations in US).

Duration: 6months to 1 year

Rate:Open+ expenses (flight, hotel, car rental)

Many Thanks,

Technical Recruiter
KLM Software Services Inc.
1111 N. Plaza Dr
Suite 101
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Tel : 847-995-9556 Ext 212
Fax : 847-995-9557

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Oracle Functional Cost Management Requirement

Post by Mladen Gog » Thu, 20 Jul 2006 02:53:45

Please, be so kind to take your requirement and shove it up your...(you
get the idea). This is not a "jobs" newsgroup.

A recruiter which introduces himself as " XXXX@XXXXX.COM "
sounds just like a person I'm inclined to send my resume to. The moment
I start considering recruiters named "Aragorn" to find me a job, my
professional life will be over. If your name was "Sauron" or "Morgoth",
I might have considered your services, but "Aragorn"? The only
politician in the whole trilogy, and you had to chose him? What for?
You were that impressed with "no hobbit left behind" act?

Yup, this is precisely the group to look for accountants.

Mladen Gogala


Oracle Functional Cost Management Requirement

Post by Mladen Gog » Thu, 20 Jul 2006 04:17:16

Well, you are right, but I would still hesitate to send my resume to a
recruiter named "Aragorn", especially if he's spamming wrong group. That
doesn't exactly instill confidence in his abbilities, does it?
Mladen Gogala