Whither oracle home name in *nix

Whither oracle home name in *nix

Post by Ed Steven » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 21:54:32

Had something arise yesterday I had never given much thought to. Our
server admin was installing Oracle 9.2 on a Solaris box and told me he
had named the oracle home 'xxxx' (where 'xxxx' was a reference to the
application that will be using the db). The was not the directory
referenced by $ORACLE_HOME, but the 'oracle home name'.

Now, I know that when installing on Windows, the oracle home name gets
set into the registry and is referenced by the 'oracle home selector'
application. However, at our shop all software installs on the unix
side are done by unix server admins, so I had never had any reason to
give this bit any thought. I told the admin that we normally give the
home a name that reflects the version of Oracle -- Ora81, Ora92, etc.
But that also raised the question of where this information is stored
on Unix, and where is it actually used?

Whither oracle home name in *nix

Post by Ronald Roo » Thu, 15 Jul 2004 22:17:17

On unix the oracle home name has no meaning. The combination
(/var/opt/oracle/oratab or /etc/oratab) and oraenv with dbhome are used to
select the software-tree (ORACLE_HOME) for the specified database
(ORACLE_SID). Make sure that /usr/local/bin is in PATH and that dbhome, oraenv
and coraenv get installed here by the root.sh script.



Whither oracle home name in *nix

Post by Tony Dar » Fri, 16 Jul 2004 03:07:40

The Oracle Home name matters for the Universal Installer, whatever the
platform. If you have multiple ORACLE_HOMES, the home name is how the
installer differentiates between them. Matters for patch application
and backout using OUI or OPatch.


Whither oracle home name in *nix

Post by johnbhurle » Fri, 16 Jul 2004 04:23:38

Take a look at /var/opt/oracle there are files that point to where the
oracle inventory/etc has been setup.

/var/opt/oracle $ ls
oraInst.loc srvConfig.loc
/var/opt/oracle $ more oraInst.loc

I did not do the install on this machine and prefer the (sometimes
dull but generic) /u01/app/oracle/products/9.2.0 setup for an oracle

But the oracle inventory pointer (oraInst.loc) points to where the
inventory is. Once oracle has been installed the inventory keeps
track of what oracle home(s) exist, etc.

Personally I recommend you strongly consider yanking your current
install setup and starting over you don't really want oracle software
installed from a /home or /export/home directory.

Having the unix group do the software install and maintenance is fine
as long as you/someone provides appropriate guidance and
recommendations. You might want to consider finding/recommending a
mount point that is fairly sizeable (8 gig? more?) for oracle home as
you often have more than one version of oracle installed there.