Oracle Forms with master-detail relationship

Oracle Forms with master-detail relationship

Post by gschibe » Fri, 25 Jun 2004 22:28:33

I have a data block based on a view that joins 6 different tables.
There are 20 fields displayed to the user. I want the user to be able
to update 4 of the fields but this isn't possible with the view. I
created a second datablock with these 4 fields on it and then defined
a master-detail relationship with the master being the 'view'
datablock and the 4-field datablock being the detail. I set
'Deferred' and 'Automatic Query' both to NO.

All the fields including the 4 on the 2nd datablock are on the same
canvas and therefore displayed to the user all at the same time. When
I execute query on the master datablock I expect the 4 fields on the
detail to be displayed also; but only the first record has these 4
fields displayed (my datablock displays 15 records at a time). How
can I get the remaining 14 records to display the values of the 4

I've tried setting Automatic Query to YES, but it didn't help.

Thank you.

Oracle Forms with master-detail relationship

Post by Daniel Mor » Sun, 27 Jun 2004 10:03:55

Of course it is. Just create an INSTEAD-OF trigger on the view.
scroll down to "Instead-Of Triggers"

Daniel Morgan
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