Report Builder, PDF, multiple reports

Report Builder, PDF, multiple reports

Post by tkeega » Tue, 06 Apr 2004 22:33:16

Two queries on oracle Report Builder

a) is it possible to create several reports from the one query?
At the moment I run a report to create a PDF report for one option, I
shut down the report, and run the report again to create a PDF with
another name. Is it possible that while report builder is running to
close the first PDF and open a new PDF with another name?

b) is it possible to create a PDF report and save it straight to the
My aim is to create a PDF report and store it as a BLOB on a table. I
have this as a two-step process at the moment. A report creates the
PDF file on the operating system. Afterwhich a piece of pl/sql reads
this PDF and saves it in a BLOB column on the database. Is it possible
to replace two steps with one step?

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I'm trying to create a report on Microsoft CRM on the following tables

I have created a data source view in with the following relations :

dbo.FilteredAccount 1 to many relation on dbo.FilteredNew_internatsamenwerking
dbo.FilteredAccount 1 to many relation on dbo.FilteredNew_ImpExpCountry

I can create a report with fields from dbo.FilteredAccount and
dbo.FilteredNew_internatsamenwerking and another report with fields from
dbo.FilteredAccount and dbo.FilteredNew_ImpExpCountry. But i can't get fields
in one report from the 3 tables, dbo.FilteredNew_internatsamenwerking is
disabeling dbo.FilteredNew_ImpExpCountry and visa versa.

Is this relationship 1 to N a restriction in Report Builder?
Do you have a solution?

Thanks in advance

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