Info Number 0x1C

Info Number 0x1C

Post by Christian » Wed, 11 Feb 2004 20:24:29

Hi NG,

does somebody, know for what it is ?

Where can I find it in the ETSI docs (i found it one time, but I does not
find it in the moment... :-( )



1. 2.6.21-rc2-mm1: EIP is at ext2_discard_reservation+0x1c/0x52

2. AD Connector - Error 0x1c

I get the following message every 30 minutes to the second. I'm
wondering if this is a problem or not. We DO have AD accounts, but are
not synching to AD. We have two identical load balanced front end
servers and a SQL/AS cluster.

Anyone seen this before?

Component: AD Connector
File: AutoADProcess
Line: -1
Error Number: 0x1c
Description: <Description><![CDATA[An error occured within AD Connector
for ProjectServer]]></Description>

Component: PjsvcADC
File: AutoADProcess
Line: -1
Error Number: 0x1c
Description: <Description><![CDATA[Out of stack space]]></Description

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