INFO_IND Structure

INFO_IND Structure

Post by Simon H » Sat, 04 Jun 2005 18:11:52

Hi NG,

I've got a next question to you... My application should phone to
msn's. But at that msn, there is only a NT and no phone or something.
In the Disconnect Reason there are possible error messages for me, but
I receive the DISCONNECT_CONF only if a phone disconnect the call. I
see that in the INFO_IND Message are also messages about the call
(error e.g.). Can anybody help me with this points?

I'its a little bit specialy because I'm programming in java with JCAPI.
The hex-value from INFO_IND is in this form:
0c 00 01 00 08 83 89 00 01 03 00 00

08 83: it is the message for INFO_IND
89: its a message from etsi (chapter 4.5.7), this value increment from
81 to 83 during the whole call. But the other values don't different...

Has anybody an idea how I could solve my problem?
The Info Mask is set to 0x3ff (it should also listen to all messages).


INFO_IND Structure

Post by Danilo Kem » Wed, 08 Jun 2005 04:27:46

You shouldn't receive a DISCONNECT_CONF at all, unless you've sent a
DISCONNECT_REQ before. You surely mean a DISCONNECT_IND. You can indeed use
the Disconnect Reason to find out what's wrong.

Sure, if you've set up your Info Mask properly (certainly seems so), CAPI
should provide you with quite a lot of INFO_INDs. Those, for example,
indicate, which Q.931 message just arrived or can include full Q.931
information elements.

The one to look for might be the "Cause"-IE which describes the reason for
disconnection -- but normally this one would be converted into a Disconnect
Reason (from the top of my head I think it's 0x34xx) anyway.

Nope, you're on the wrong track here.

0c 00 Total Length (12 bytes)
01 00 Application ID (1)
08 Command (INFO)
83 Subcommand (RESPONSE <--- !!!)
89 00 Message Number (137)
01 03 00 00 PLCI (0x301)

Please keep in mind that this is in little-endian representation. That's the
reason for the numbers to be in the "wrong" order.

So, this most certainly *is not* a message you received from the CAPI. If it
is, something is pretty broken. This is an INFO_RESP, something you
normally use to acknowledge an INFO_IND you just received.

For the Q.931 (or really ETS-300 102) information elements, you might want
to download a copy of the relevant standard, which is available on ETSI's
site for free. Just go to
for "300 102".