Packet Mode B-Channel

Packet Mode B-Channel

Post by C. Roedenb » Tue, 27 Jul 2004 19:08:53


I have an application, which answers incoming data Calls.
Two types of clients may connect:

1. B1-Proto=0, B2-Proto=0, B3-Proto=0
2. B1-Proto=0, B2-Proto=0, B3-Proto=2.

After the incomming CONNECT_IND, I have to send
the correct CONNECT_RESP. Now I have to chose
to correct B3-Proto.

One possibility to solve this is to offer two
msn and decide from the called msn, which
B3-Proto to use. I would prefer to use only
one msn - so the configration of the clients need only
one outgoing number independet from the B3-Proto they

Is there a possibility to find out from the incoming data
if the client will use 1. or 2. before the server


Claus Renbeck

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