Alteon 180e BGP

Alteon 180e BGP

Post by flubdgu » Sun, 07 Mar 2004 10:27:03


Platform Info: Alteon 180e, WebOS

I have been experimenting with BGP between two Alteon 180e switches
and my initial impressions are that it is unusable. I was able to
configure an iBGP mesh between the switches and they propagate routes,
but it is a house of cards. Almost any kind of configuration change,
for example say adding a new network to an interface, causes the BGP
session to spew out errors and drop any BGP received routes from its
routing table.

In these cases, a /oper/ip/bgp stop 1 then /oper/ip/bgp start 1 to
reset the BGP does so generally with no problems, and the routing
table is restored. Sometimes it makes a difference WHICH peer you do
so on (generally doesn't matter though). Basically this looks like
beta-quality code to me, if it's behavior in a very clean and simple
lab environment is this poor, I do not see how it could possibly be
used in production. A BGP implementation which fails when you make a
network change means you cannot count on it to propagate your routes
as when it fails you are likely to be locked out unless you happen to
be at the switch with a console.

Since the manual's coverage of BGP is, shall we say, practically
nonexistent, I am hoping for some feedback from someone using this
gear in operations.

First question: Does anyone have any feedback on running BGP on
production Alteon 180e's?

Second question: Can anyone using Alteon's in production recommend an
image? I am pushing to get a 10.0.30.X image but the vendor has told
me 10.0.28 is the one I want (a statement I am believing less and less
on a daily basis)

Any advice greatly appreciated.