coax cable length (and other things...)

coax cable length (and other things...)

Post by Halfgaa » Thu, 16 Oct 2003 19:35:22

Luckily it is abolished. The US government makes the IT world difficult
enough Take software patents. M$ has a patent on "X is typing a message".
Can you believe that?

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I will be renovating my home soon, and want to re-do the wiring

When I look at what companies are offering I see all kinds of RG6U: dual
shield, quad shield, some that will pass up to 3GHZ bandwidth, etc.

What are the specifics on the RG6U coax that I will need for a digital cable
box & cable modem (TWC New York)?

I do not see any reason to get a higher quality/bandwidth cable then what is
currently being used by TWC to build in some growing room for the future, as
TWC would have to do lots of rewiring of their current customers to make any
major changes to the spec. Do you guys agree with this statement?


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