cable modem speed problem

cable modem speed problem

Post by Bpedigre » Sun, 25 Dec 2005 10:46:45

Hi people

I have a problem with my cable modem, In the past few months i have
started working with ftp's and i have had some downloading problems,
what happend is that when i try to download something the transfer rate
is about 25kb but i have a 1.5 MB connection, now i started using DAP
(download accelerator program) and if i do the downloads with that
program it trasfer at 150 KBps, so i dont get it, now i try using
different clients like flashfxp, cute ftp, etc.. all of them guive the
same problem, the i tryied getright and that one works fine also, so
then i tryied top use the ftp client with 2 connections and both
download at 25kb, and if i cloise one still the other one still on 25
kb,, well i went to mirc and try downloading from there and still had
the same problem. later a friend of mine on mirc start sending me the
files from the same server to my personal ftp with serv-u and if they
send me the files it will be stable at 125kb or more.. but if i do the
request of the file to the same server it will download at 25 kb. it
looks that the problem is the internet routing, but i dont kown what to
do. any help.!!??

by the way i already reinstall windows, windows Xp sp2, no firewall, i
tryied another nic card, still the same, finally i tryied another
different computer with windows 2000 and still have the same problem,,
at this point I know its no hardware problem, I called my ISP and they
came and change my cable modem but still have the same...


cable modem speed problem

Post by $Bil » Sun, 25 Dec 2005 13:05:34

You should check your settings - try
for some help.

PS: KB is kilo-bytes; Kb is kilo-bits; kb is nothing; ps or /s is per
second - so be consistent and use the right one.


cable modem speed problem

Post by Bpedigre » Sat, 31 Dec 2005 16:47:45


I try already the tweaks, but still having the same problem.

sorry for the confusion, I was trying to say KB all the way.

Please help!!