Status on Comcast cable modem problems

Status on Comcast cable modem problems

Post by JM » Fri, 06 Jul 2007 11:59:01

Several weeks ago I participated in a long thread about a client's cable
internet going down every night. It was a great discussion, with very good
input and ideas. I wanted to provide an update:

Toward the end of the discussion, when none of the ideas fixed the problem,
I resigned myself to never getting resolution. I started discussing
changing providers with the client. However, I continued to call Comcast
almost daily to report the morning outages. On the weekends I would call in
and get their national NOC, which I'd started looking forward to, since
those guys always gave me a different perspective (and a little more
respect) than the local folks. Well, late one Friday night about 3 weeks
ago, I started my normal process of trying to access my router on the
client's network after 11:00 p.m., fully expecting to find the connection
down. To my surprise, the router interface popped right up. "Well, it will
be down in the morning, for sure, " I thought, and I went to bed. Even more
to my surprise, however, the morning found the internet connection still up.
This was the first time this had happened since April 4.

Long story short: The problem has not returned. I did nothing to bring
about the "fix," other than continue to badger Comcast. I have no idea what
specifically occurred to resolve the problem. I'm just glad that part is
over. The regrettable part now is the cost to my client. I have given them
a discount, and I'm only billing for my time on site, not all the hours I
spent at home and in my office pursuing and researching the problem.
However, my bill is hefty, and I know in my heart that my client is not at
fault and should not have to bear this cost. But what can I do? Comcast
never did admit responsibility, and now that it's working their attitude is,
"See? We told you there was nothing wrong."

What a crock.


Status on Comcast cable modem problems

Post by f/fgeorg » Fri, 06 Jul 2007 18:59:47

Far be it from me to stand up for Comcast, they were clearly wrong,
that being said since you are a computer consultant, you are aware
that IT people don't always have a quick and easy fix. Often we must
tinker and make changes until it finally works. I think this is what
happened in your case. Your constant calling made them try something
different until finally they got it right. If you had not called your
client would probably still be having problems. Comcast is a BIG
company, they have tons of people all trying to make things better for
the person on the phone. My neighbor had low signal issues so they
came and installed a booster. Then they replaced the main cable going
into the box in the yard 5 doors down the street. All of a sudden his
cable and internet is out again! When he finally got them out there,
the signal is too high! They had to come take the booster out! They
fixed the main problem of a bad underground cable, but caused other
ones in the process.