MOXI Long Beach Upgrade Charter Cable

MOXI Long Beach Upgrade Charter Cable

Post by OscarLevan » Fri, 15 Jun 2007 03:49:24


I spoke with a tech person I happen to run into in a parking lot a
week ago and explained my frustration with the lack of MOXI cable
boxes supporting external hard drives.

After checking with his company, he called me and said for ten days
beginning approximately July 9, 2007, Charter Cable in Long Beach CA
will be doing an over-the-air software upgrade from current 3.X
versions to the latest 4.0 version. He claims 4.0 will indeed support
external hard drive to allow more than 7 hours of HD reording that
the current, small 80 Gb internal drive now provides.

This is unofficial, but check your software versions after July 19 and
see if this upgrade has occurred. If I am successful with external
hard drive use after that, I'll post such information.

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For the 2+ years we've lived here (W. Michigan) we've had Charter Cable
-- initially 2Mbps, then upgraded to 3Mbps. In all that time I think
we've had just two outages.

Now AT&T (formerly SBC) is offering "up to 6.0 Mbps" DSL service for
less than we are paying Charter (especially as Charter is charging an
extra $10/mo. because we don't have their TV service).

What is "up to 6.0 Mbps" likely to mean in practice? We are 11,700 ft.
from the CO.

Is it possible to install one DSL filter in the line that goes to the
FAX machine, phone and DirecTV receivers? Or does every device need its
own DSL filter? Do DirecTV receivers and DSL play nice together?

How reliable is SBC/AT&T's DSL service?

Is the DSL modem truly operating-system-agnostic? I use a non-mainstream
OS that suits my needs and have no reason to switch -- but there is one
WinXP machine on the network that could be used for configuration if
push comes to shove.

Is there a better mode than the Siemens 4100 that AT&T and BestBuy sell?


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