Resetting a Catalyst 2924 XL Switch

Resetting a Catalyst 2924 XL Switch

Post by Outta Luc » Wed, 08 Nov 2006 11:39:37


Let me start by saying I'm a truck driver, and sick of driving, and going
for a CCIE certification. I know some stuff about networking, but not a
whole lot, so I'm starting at the beginning.
I bought a Catalyst 2924 XL switch off ebay, and it's still configured to
the network that it came from. I bought 2 console cables to connect to
them, and followed "Cisco - Networking Basics" book on how to connect to
it via console cable. I get nothing. So I tried looking up how to reset
it, and got no where, but a guy gave me a link somewhere on Cisco's site
on how to reset it, and I tried. All I succeeded in doing was half-way
resetting the switch I think. I turned it off, held the mode button in
when plugged it back it, and waited for the led on port 1 to go out. All I
got after that was the System LED flashing, and all the port LED's on. But
it's still spitting out an ARP request.

I think it's set up as a managed switch because it's spitting out ARP
requests on the network when I look at it with a sniffer. Although I
don't really care that it does that, and for my uses, it doesn't do
anything to network speed, I still need to be able to get into it and
play. I don't know where to start now that all my expertise is exhausted.

If someone would be gratious enough to walk me through how to properly
reset the switch, and what I need to do to get back into it, I'd be very
grateful. Each day I do this, it seems my goals keep going farther away,
although, going for a CCNA isn't that hard, I'm told. Financial
limitations are the biggest issue for me. That and about 4 hrs of sleep a
night doesn't really cut it, but I'm trying my hardest to do this.


Outta Luck

Resetting a Catalyst 2924 XL Switch

Post by www.BradRe » Wed, 08 Nov 2006 12:48:44

You may wish to investigate System LED Information: #40660

and LED Troubleshooting: #10831


Brad Reese
Cisco Repair and Hardware Troubleshooting


Resetting a Catalyst 2924 XL Switch

Post by Doug McInt » Thu, 09 Nov 2006 13:49:58

Outta Luck < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > writes:


You can only fully reset it after you get a console connection going.

What you did was just interupt its boot sequence to get you to the
point where you can start to do the factory reset. But without the
console connection, you didn't accomplish anything, when you rebooted
it again, it just came back up normal.

I'd check your console cable connection. You should be connecting to
it with a term program, perferably something like teraterm or
securecrt vs. hyperterminal, but hyperterminal usually works if some
of its bugs don't kick in.

Make sure you connect in with baud=9600, 8N1, make sure flow-control
is turned off (ie. no RTS/CTS settings, and no XON/XOFF).

If you still get nothing, try different baud rates, all of them
between 2400 and 115,200. Make sure you are connecting to the correct
COM port on your computer.

You should get something.

Are the console kits real Cisco ones? Its hard to tell without knowing
what vintage of console kit you have.

Resetting a Catalyst 2924 XL Switch

Post by Jason Toma » Thu, 09 Nov 2006 20:01:56

Hi OuttaLuck


Intuitive - Undernet

Resetting a Catalyst 2924 XL Switch

Post by Outta Luc » Fri, 10 Nov 2006 02:49:08


Resetting a Catalyst 2924 XL Switch

Post by Outta Luc » Fri, 10 Nov 2006 02:56:40

I'm not exactly sure about the console it off ebay also.
That's one area that I'm not sure what it's doing. As I've either not
gotten to that part of the book of what the pinout for the DB-9
connection is, or missed it, or it's just not in the book, I'm not sure,
but I am familiar with the rollover part of it, just not where the wires
are supposed to go in the DB-9 pinout. I also do not have the
availability, or haven't found it yet, how to get a hold of a DB-9
connector, and the hardware to connect wires to it. Actually, I never
really thought of it.

I'll give this a shot, and see where I can go from there. Seems the more
I look into this stuff, the farther off-base I am at getting to my goal.
Oh well.

Thanks a million.

Outta Luck

Resetting a Catalyst 2924 XL Switch

Post by Outta Luc » Fri, 10 Nov 2006 03:06:58

Thanks, I'm looking into that, the only thing I can figure is maybe I have
a bad cable, or something along those lines. I'm guessing I probably
sound like an idiot, since the problem is probably a simple one. I think
I've seen you on in the "Join The Discussion" forums. Thanks
for your time reading my problem, I'll get back to you once I try this
stuff out. In the pages, it refers to both a DB-9 and DB-25 connector,
with a DB-25 being supplied originally with the switch. Do I have to use
a DB-25 connector, or will a DB-9 connector work also, assuming the
pinouts are correct?


Outta Luck

Resetting a Catalyst 2924 XL Switch

Post by Doug McInt » Fri, 10 Nov 2006 04:28:02

Outta Luck < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > writes:

DB25 hooks up to ancient history computers, and external modems.

DB9 hooks up to most PC clones, and things that copied them.

They are the same, the same signals in both, just over different pins
of course. You can get a DB9 to DB25 adaptor.

The switch probably originally came with the stock console kit back in
the day, which was a black rollover cable, and a DB9->RJ45 adaptor,
and a DB25->RJ45 adaptor. Then they switched to a blue rollover cable.
Now Cisco's been shipping a newer console kit for many years that is
a blue molded DB9 on one end, and RJ45 on the other, as well as a black
molded DB25 for external modem hookups on devices that might
potentially hookup to an external modem (ie. routers' AUX ports).

You can make your own DB9->RJ45 adaptor out of parts, you most likely
can find an unwired adaptor at Radio Shack or MicroCenter or Frys and
wire it up to match the standard pinouts that are many places on the net.

Resetting a Catalyst 2924 XL Switch

Post by Outta Luc » Sat, 11 Nov 2006 23:23:23

That's what I was thinking, I remember DB-25 connectors back in the day of
80486's, and earlier, and knew of the adapter from DB-9 -> DB-25, and vice
cersa, but wasn't quite sure if Cisco had some propietary standard
regarging the rollover cable. Thanks for the help, and background.

Sorry I'm asking simple questions like this, but I want to make sure of
everything before I dive into it, so I don't look like someone that has
the cert, and no knowledge of what the certification entails...