Difference - SUP2 vs. SUP32

Difference - SUP2 vs. SUP32

Post by denni » Sat, 21 Apr 2007 14:54:56

Hi Group,

I'm sorry about my last posting about SUP720 vs SUP2....this wasn't
The actual situation is...The customer have a changed from SUP2 to
SUP32...befor this ip accouting works on the SVIs with the SW 12.1xx
Right now we use 12.2.SXF8 on the SUP32 and the customer tell me he
doesn't see _all_ packets...whatever this mean....!?!

Is there any main difference between SUP2 and SUP32 ?
I also have a look at the feature navigator to search for 'ip
accounting' !
I doesn't found it...?!??!

any help for me ?