871W: Wi-fi to Wi-fi unreliable

871W: Wi-fi to Wi-fi unreliable

Post by JF Meze » Mon, 09 Aug 2010 03:25:15

I have a laptop on the wifi. It can connect to internet no problem. It
can connect to almost every host on the wired LAN without problem.

There is an IPMI destination on the wired LAN which is sometimes
accessible, sometimes not. (sometimes I can just start the GUI for
server monitoring, and within a few minutes it will be able to connect,
after which there is no problem - this never happens on the wired LAN
portion). During failed attempts, the wi-fi device does get an ARP
resolution for the IPMI destination.

Now howver, I try to ping or SSH to another wi-fi device (a phone) and
it fails royally. I can telnet to a wired server from the laptop, and
that server has no problem pinging or SSH to the phone.

So wi-fi to LAN seems to work.
LAN to Wi-Fi seems to work.
But Wi-fi to wi-fi seems to be a problem.

Is this common ? What should I look at in the config ?

While I am at it, for such a router, what would be the best way to run
wireshark to scan all of the wi-fi traffic ? Can I do a port monitor on
the BVI10 interface ?

871W: Wi-fi to Wi-fi unreliable

Post by JF Meze » Tue, 07 Sep 2010 13:01:50

Bringing back an old (unsolved) thread.

I rebooted my Cisco 870 router today. And My iphone and laptop, both on
wireless were able to talk to each other when I tried right away and
both were able to contact the IPMI interface on the server (on ethernet).


I (now) know that this model's claim to support 5 VLANs is bogus
becauise it has 4 vlans hardcoded which you can't remove (so you can
only support 1 VLAN).

Is it possible that the 870 would have limits in the number of MAC
addresses it can know about either gobally, or on a per interface basis ?

(The IPMI port is on the same physical ethernet cable as the server's
main ethernet interface)

(IPMI is for system management and is active even when server is powered

The problem or two wireless devices not talking to each other seems
sporadic, same with wireless devices not able to reach the IPMI. But
from the wired etehernet I have no problem reaching any device, wired or