IGRP to a Pix 506

IGRP to a Pix 506

Post by boxers99 » Wed, 16 May 2007 00:02:23

Hi !

Im trying to get some routing to work on my home lab. All routers
running igrp. I have a 3620 Router on >>> 2511 Router on Serial then on ether 0 on the 2511 Router >>>>> Pix (inside) gateway to the

The 3620 can ping the ethernet port on the 2511 ( but
not the pix (

The 2511 can ping the pix no probs. I have a default route one the
3620 of :-

Gateway of last resort is to network

And on the 2511:-

Gateway of last resort is to network

My computer's gateway is the 2511's ether port and I
access the web no probs.

Is this an IGRP problem with the pix or an ACL problem with the pix ?


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We have a PIX 515 at HQ that Supports a 5 Home Office Site to site IPSec
3DES VPNs and maybe a dozen IPSec 3DES VPN Clients.

We are adding a internet connection to a branch office and were thinking
about upgrading the HQ PIX 515 to a 515E and placing the 515 at the Branch
office. The Branch Office only has 6-12 people at any one given time.

Is there that much of a Difference in the 515 and the 515E?

Would I be better off saving my self from redoing the Certs and IPSec Config
on the new 515E and just get a new 506 for the Branch Office?


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