Errors in Alteon 180e

Errors in Alteon 180e

Post by ogominato » Thu, 13 May 2004 08:58:18

I've noticed errors on my Alteon 180e as listed below:

CRC 115971 Collided 0
LinkErr 0 PhyErr 0
Nibble 58331 Abort 0
Runt 0 NoBuffer 0
Over32k 0 Over16k 0
Over9k 0

Ethernet statistics for port 1:
dot3StatsAlignmentErrors: 58331
dot3StatsFCSErrors: 115971
dot3StatsSingleCollisionFrames: 0

Any recommendations on how to go about fixing this? I'm running the
OS 10.0.3 and I did notice that port 1 is set to pref gig although
we're not running a gigabit network (would this cause the errors?).
Any thoughts? I can provide whatever other information is necessary.

Errors in Alteon 180e

Post by Charles R. » Tue, 18 May 2004 01:12:57

This classically points to a duplex mismatch. Either set both ends of
the link to autonegotiate, or fix both ends' speed and duplex. If
both ends are already set to autonegotiate, try fixing both ends