Flash Light Programming Question

Flash Light Programming Question

Post by Todd Lewi » Wed, 11 Feb 2004 08:50:25

I recently received a Nortel phone system including voice mail. After
numerous system resets, I have it working close to the way I want it,
but am missing a step or two. The limitations of the Flash Light have
been very frustrating to say the least.


- Flash Light Version 2.0.10
- [**Config] [Maintenance] [System Version] = 30NhG04 NAT
- 5 T7316 Phones
- 2 incoming lines in a hunt group

Phone 1: x200 VM=200 ("Operator")
Phone 2: x201 VM=201 - Todd (me)
Phone 3: x202 VM=202 - Craig
Phone 4: x203 VM=203 - Greg
Phone 5: x204 VM=204 - Mike

I want one greeting no matter the time of day and for it to work
something like this... when the call comes in it rings at x200 & x201
for four rings, after four rings the system picks up and say "You have
reached company XYZ, if you know you parties extension you may dial it
now or wait for the tone to leave a message for the general operator."

Here is what happens now. When somebody calls it plays the XYZ
message after four rings and then repeats the message a second time
and then hangs up. It never gets to the VM at extension 200. I have
another message recorded on VM200 saying "You have reached the company
operator please leave your message".


Is this configuration close?

- F*831 (system attendant off)
- F*832 (CCR Bus.Closed)
- F*833 Message A = Turned On = ("You have reached
company XYZ message")
- F*833 Message B-G - Turned Off
- F**config - System Programming - Auto Attend (on)
- F**config - System Programming - Attd Set: 200
- F**config - System Programming - System Answer 4
- F**config - System Programming - CCR Answer 6

Thank you for any insight on this quandary.

Flash Light Programming Question

Post by Nortec in » Wed, 11 Feb 2004 11:22:20

The Flash Lite is discontinued. I'd highly recommend you get currenty
hardware - it is much easier to work with and will support exactly what you
are attempting to accomplish.


Flash Light Programming Question

Post by phongeniu » Sun, 15 Feb 2004 08:17:34

You can purchase a key code that will unlock the full features of the Flash 2
you are using. It opens up the auto-attendant, CCR, and all 24 mailboxes.