ISDN Backup on VPN Routers

ISDN Backup on VPN Routers

Post by nortel use » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 21:32:50

I am having a number of issues using a BRI ISDN Card in a Nortel 1100
VPN Router.

The card is to be used as a backup interface so that when the primary
link (VPN via Ethernet Port 1) fails the ISDN should kick in and data
be routed that way.

I am having quite a few problems with configuring this, can get the
ISDN to trigger (See the trigger activate and makes a ISDN Connection)
but I dont seem to be able to get data over the backup link.

Test is send a extended ping to Remote LAN, unplug cable from LAN 1,
ping stops responding, see ISDN Trigger come up but still no responce
to ping. If I try to ping the ISDN Interfaces I get intermittent
responses (No real pattern, may mis 7 pings then reply).

I have turned off the firewall and I am using the basic allow all
filter but still no luck.

Has anyone had similar problems or could anyone point me in the right
direction of where I could look to see why this isnt working.


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