MAXP Issues

MAXP Issues

Post by jason.jenk » Fri, 03 Dec 2004 01:17:05

We have run into an weird problem regarding the MAXP in some of our
busier queues. We just upgraded to Succession 3 but the problem was
also experienced with RLS 25.

We constantly run into issues logging or programming sets into a
queue. The MAXP for the queue is set to 250 for example and we only
show 100 positions associated with it. If we look in MAX we don't see
any agent's MQA'd into the queue either. In order to add more sets we
have to bump up the MAXP.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Know of a patch? Could it be MQA

Can we set the MAXP to 1000 for each queue and is there any issues
with doing this?


MAXP Issues

Post by StartHer » Sat, 04 Dec 2004 08:34:10

You can probably set the MAXP to your highest PBX license level for any and
all queues. Hence if you are licensed for 500 total ACD agents and there are
3 queues then you can set each of the 3 queues to a MAXP of 500. But that
wouldn't resolve the problem as you described it.

You said Max is saying there's only 100 agents, but have you considered that
the PBX and Max have different licensing levels? Max might be limited to
reporting 100 agents, whereas actually there might be 253 sets in the queue.
You would have to go into LD 22 and print out your SLT report to show the
PBX ACD agent levels (as I recall) and then go into your Max software to the
configuration screens to see what your "reportable ACD agent" license levels
are. Then go into LD 20 and run a DNB on the ACD queue number in question,
and count the number of agent sets (TNs) associated with the queue there.