alteon 180e

alteon 180e

Post by vanma » Thu, 29 Jan 2004 08:19:52


I am trying to do simple http load balancing on an alteon 180e an
while I am able to individually access
the systems through the load balancer, I am unable to get to th
systems through the ip address of the load

The system setup is as follows:
The load balancers port 1 is connected to the local switch with I
port 5 is connected to server 1 (server 1 has ip addres
port 6 is connected to server 2 (server 2 has ip addres
port 7 is connected to server 3 (server 3 has ip addres

The system configurations I have tried is as follows

real 1 was setup as (connected to server with same i
real 2 was setup as (connected to server with same i
real 3 was setup as (connected to server with same i

all three real servers were added to group 1.
server load balancing was turned on.
filters were added to all real servers to redirect port 80 and allo
all the rest to be passed through.

But it does not work. Any advice

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alteon 180e

Post by Vikin » Sat, 31 Jan 2004 04:51:04


that's not how you loadbalance your servers.
A VIP has a service related to it (for example : http, ftp, tcp, ...) This
will define a tcp port number for which the load balancing service is
active. Any other service will just not be passed through to the real
servers, so you will never have to use a filter to accomplish that. The
service definition IS a filter.
Now, the Alteon Web Switch / Application switches have a GREAT Application
guide, which explain all features of the prduct, including practical
examples and the config files that go with it.
I suggest you go and look for that guide at your reseller or whoever can
support you.


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alteon 180e

Post by Jim Sanche » Sun, 01 Feb 2004 02:24:44

Did you make SURE that you had server processing on the ports the
servers are connected to and client processing on the traffic ingress
port? Also, is slb on. Check /info/slb to see what is happening.
Jim Sanchez - Bellevue WA
JH_Sanchez AT