Nortel Product Bulletins

Nortel Product Bulletins

Post by PBXTech Se » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 08:02:31

Here are some new Norrtel bulletins I have added to
Few important ones here!

GNTS Advisory #2003-013 - New Product PEP Dependency Lists now available on
MPL Version: 2003/6/10
: This bulletin is being issued to communicate the updated Dependency Lists
for Meridian 1, Release 2540 / 25.40B and Succession CSE 1000 Release 2
which are now available for public access on the Meridian Patch Library

GNTS Advisory 2003-008 - Low volume on i2002 Internet Telephone when
installed on Meridian 1 Rls. 2 Version: 2003/6/10
: With the introduction of OTM 2.0 to support Installation and configuration
of IP Line 3.0 application a new icon was added (IPL 3.0). The ITG IP Phones
icon is used to configure IP Line application previous to IP Line 3.0. If
the ITG IP Phones icon is selected when configuring IP Line 3.0 the customer
may experience audio level problems (low volume) on the i2002 Internet

GNTS Advisory - BSD090 messages on NTDK91/92BB Mini Main and Expander
Chassis Version: 2003/6/10
: BSD090 messages are sporadically reported by the CPU on the TTY interface
indicating a power fault, when no power fault has occurred. Lab
investigation has revealed noise on the signal that is used to indicate a
power fault and that is causing false detection of the condition by the CPU.
We have successfully tested a solution in the lab and are in the process of
trialing the solution in the field. The field trials are expected to
complete by April 7, 2003.

Meridian 1 - EDD Backup Advisory Version: 2003/6/10
: It has been reported that on occasion, the data dump that occurs at the
end of a system EDD was not being performed and therefore the diskette was
left blank. Investigation showed that with certain EDD errors, the system
aborts the backup to a diskette, when the data integrity may be suspect.
(The intent of this piece of software is that if an EDD error indicates that
the data being compiled is suspect, this data should not be downloaded to
the backup diskette.) The issue is that if the person supervising the
procedure, misses the EDD error (and it scrolls off the screen), there is
nothing to indicate that the data dump has been aborted, other than the
expected "DATADUMP COMPLETE" is missing;

NT5D61AB IODUC Advi *** t Version: 2003/6/10
: During the performance of the Disk Redundancy test in the Midnight
Routine, an error sometimes occurs, which results in a SCSI108 message being
issued. As a result, the disk is deemed failed and disabled after
switch-over to the other IODUC unit. In fact, the disk test failure is being
reported erroneously, as a result of software conflicts between the
Inventory Reporting feature and the Disk Redundancy test during the midnight
routine. The IODUC itself is OK other than it is now disabled and must be

Category: Meridian General Release Bulletins
GNTS Advisory #2003-006 - Signaling Server Failure when Element Management
displays a Large number Version: 2003/6/10
: This Product Advisory is being issued to alert you about a situation that
has arisen that will compromise the use of the Signaling Server when using
Element Management to display a large number of patches on a Succession CSE
1000, Release 2 system. There is also a section below about some new
recommended patches for Branch Office customers.

Nortel Product Bulletins

Post by leekuhlma » Wed, 23 Jun 2004 23:55:53

Hi Group,

I'm trying to access the product bulletins and keep getting a message
telling me that they have moved. Can anyone tell me where they went?

They used to be here: