RIP Routing Path Cost on Contivity

RIP Routing Path Cost on Contivity

Post by kurc » Thu, 29 Jan 2004 19:34:39

Hi all,

I have a problem with routing issue in the Contivity environment, this
is the scenario:

I have 2 Contivity VPN switches, they are a Contivity 1700 and a
Contivity 1010. Contivity 1700 is a primary device and Contivity 1010
is a backup device. Each of those Contivity is connected to different
ISP and at the private side, both of them are located on same
subnet/VLAN. Both Contivity switches are connected to the same remote
Contivity via Branch Office Tunnel. And all the networks are using
RIPv2 as a routing protocol including the BO tunnel.

My question is how to prioritize the traffic to remote site will
always go to Contivity 1700 instead of Contivity 1010 unless the BO
tunnel on Contivity 1700 is down.

I think I need to adjust on the routing path cost but I didn't see
that setting.

Please advise.

Thanks and regards,

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