VPN gateway 3050

VPN gateway 3050

Post by tashwor » Fri, 10 Jun 2005 04:44:17


I am attempting to setup a 3050 SSL VPN gateway. The documentation that
I have found is very weak. The problem I am having is with Radius
Authentication. I have a Windows 2003 server running IAS (Internet
Authentication Service) for domain auth. I can see my login attempts
hitting the server by entries to the Event log. However the the login
attempts are failing with the following error:

Reason = The connection attempt did not match any connection request

I do have a CRP configured and it does work for IPSec connections on my
CES 2700.

Does the 3050 use a different Vendor-ID or attribute that I need to
configure differently in Radius?

Thanks for any help that may be provided.


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