411 database

411 database

Post by Roger Elmo » Wed, 26 Jan 2005 20:39:50

Around 6 months ago our University got its own office code of 881, and
the local CO was forwarding the 3K old 587-xxxx numbers to the new
881-xxxx. That's stopped. I previously got through to Verizon and
managed to get most of the 411.com listings changed before the
forwarding ceased. I can call our local 555-1212 and get the correct
881 listing. But when I call 1-411 they still give out the 587-xxxx
number and I have management telling me to get it straightened out.

Any ideas who to contact? Thanks in advance!
Roger Elmore
UTM Telecommunications

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2. Conversion 411

I currently have a couple of databases in 2000 format that are split into
BE/FE and that have user-level security. Our IS department is in the process
of upgrading our office suit from 2002 to 2003. I read that it is not
necessary to convert my 2000 db's to 2003 because 2003 will read 2000
formats. However if I do opt to convert my databases, what is the process to
follow and do I have to compact and repair?

As you can see I am fairly new to this and I would like to get as much info.
as possible.

Thank You

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