[telecom] Toll-Free 855 Coming Soon, to Join Toll-Free 800, 888, 877, 866 Area Codes

[telecom] Toll-Free 855 Coming Soon, to Join Toll-Free 800, 888, 877, 866 Area Codes

Post by Fred Atkin » Mon, 12 Apr 2010 20:28:54

> "DSMI, the FCC's designated Toll Free Administrator, has notified

The thing that seems odd is that [with the cost of long distance very
low or non-existant on my telephone services] is why there is such a need
for toll-free numbers any more. When everyone gets flat rate long distance
[and that day *is* coming], they will be of no additional value over
standard numbers.

So why is there such a big rush to growth on them?


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Interestingly enough toll-free is taken quite differently in the
Netherlands. Where in the US toll-free is extremely common and rates
for incoming WATS is downright cheap at only a few cents a minute, in
the Netherlands there's a whole different attitude about "freephone"
i.e. toll-free numbers. Some toll-free numbers are only four digits!
If you're in the Netherlands you'll very rarely see toll-free numbers
listed *anywhere* (their 0800 service.) What you *will* see is tonnes
of 0900 pay per call numbers. Call the airline, call wireless
customer service, call the POLICE, call an infomercial on TV, call a
religious call in show and you'll have to go through an 0900 service.
Basically pay for everything with nothing given to call that won't
incur timed charges.

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Why is there a per-minute charge to call the police?

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