FCC Commissioner Blasts Verizon On Net Neutrality [Telecom]

FCC Commissioner Blasts Verizon On Net Neutrality [Telecom]

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In today's (22-NOV-2010) Slashdot:

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FCC Commissioner Blasts Verizon On Net Neutrality

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski says that net neutrality rules 'will
happen,' promising the FCC 'will make sure that we get the rules right ...

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to make sure that what we do maximizes innovation and investment across the
ecosystem.' But the same week, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps announced
that the public should not stand for deals 'that exchange Internet freedom
for bloated profits,'

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mocking the tiered-data plans of the 'Verizon-Google gaggle' and accusing
them of wanting 'gated communities for the affluent.' Speaking at a New
Mexico hearing, the commissioner warned the audience against proposals that
would 'vastly diminish' the internet's importance, blasting 'special
interests and gatekeepers and toll-booth collectors who will short-circuit
what this great new technology can do for our country.' The text of his
speech is available as a PDF file at:

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He concludes by acknowledging that 'you can't blame companies for seeking
to protect their own interests. But you can blame policy-makers if we let
them get away with it!'

1. FCC Has Now Approved VeriZon Sale of Most GTE/Contel to Frontier [telecom]

2. AT&T calls Google a hypocrite on Net neutrality - files complaint with FCC

The carrier has written a letter to the Federal Communications Commission
claiming that Google has violated the agency's Net neutrality principles,
which Google has long supported. Google defended its position in a blog
post written by Richard Whitt, Google's main ***lobbyist*** and
telecommunications lawyer in Washington, that basically said AT&T is
comparing apples and oranges.

In a letter to the FCC filed on Friday, AT&T said Google is violating the
fourth principle in the FCC's Internet Policy Statement, which calls for
fair competition among providers of networks, applications, services, and
content, as it blocks telephone calls made using Google Voice service to
certain rural communities.


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