FTC Do-Not-Call Registry, was Out of Area Calls

FTC Do-Not-Call Registry, was Out of Area Calls

Post by John Levin » Sat, 25 Sep 2004 10:01:30

>> Could you point to the section of the law or FTC regulations that

Sigh. You saw it on the Internet, so it must be true, huh?

In the page that Google found with that quote, "Cohen" was some
self-appointed expert quoted on a local TV show in Chicago a year ago.
I don't think he counts either as a law or as an FTC regulation.

On the other hand, if you visit the FTC's www.donotcall.gov web site,
and visit their FAQ page, you can find the actual exception list at

You will note it does not contain telephone companies, banks, credit
card companies, or insurance companies, unless they have an existing
business relationship with you and you haven't told them to stop.
Charities and politicians are indeed exempt, but two out of six is a
pretty poor score for an alleged expert.

Well, duh. The people who sue under the same law for junk faxes have
gotten pretty good at teasing out the junkers' identities.

I did. I suppose the law is too hard for some people to understand,
but let me give you a hint: just because it calls out banks and telcos
as regulated by different agencies doesn't mean they're exempt.

A most interesting guess, but not surprisingly, it's wrong. There are
plenty of LD companies with no monthly fee, no monthly minimum, and
rates lower than the 1010 dialaround companies. I pay 4.9 cpm since
I'm in a high cost NECA area. For people in Bell areas, it's not hard
to find 3 cpm or less. They've gotten plenty of mention in the digest
so I won't belabor the details again.



FTC Do-Not-Call Registry, was Out of Area Calls

Post by Michael A. » Sun, 26 Sep 2004 06:42:11

Well said. The thing that makes it possible to punish junk faxing, junk
calling, and spam is that invariably, the sender of the message wants to
collect money from the public, and they have to identify themselves well
enough for money to reach them.